Comments 2016

Evelyne, once again, it was wonderful spending time with you. I always progress in my painting skills with you! It is amazing to observe you in action and watch how you make an impression come alive with composition, color and your dancing brush.

But also, you are so inspirational in the way you live your life. You pass that inspiration along to people. You have had a major influence in my life, starting with meeting you in Santa Fe when you challenged me: “learn to draw and I will teach you to paint”. I spent a year taking drawing classes and then got on that plane and the train to the South of France to learn watercolor painting from Evelyne Borne! I don’t think I have ever looked at a challenge that I couldn’t take on since then. In addition to your painting, you should be very proud of the inspiration you give to people.

-Pat Ryan, Dallas Texas

Comments 2013 

When you said the villa is nice I had no idea what an extraordinary  place and location it was . The days were just the right blend of study and play Evelyne you are a wonderful instructor and I am now very excited about painting

-Jess Clemens Santa Fe NM

You are an excelent artis and teacher a rare combination. Also impressed by your critiques , you say just the right things to each of us and what we need to do to improve .Doing the color wheel the first day is the best way to jump in . last of all its great fun!

-Dee Ann McIntyre Santa Fe NM

What can a novice painter say but THANK YOU  I was really concerned that my inexperience would be a huge problem but you were so welcoming and Patient that I Learned , learned and learned . It was all that I hoped for and then you added wonderful participants, breathtaking scenery and wonderful wine and food I am wholly grateful.

-Nancy, Benthien Egypt

Comments 2012

My life has been renewed since being a part of your Tuscany class. you are a fantastic teacher and a great organizer and WONDERFUL PAINTER

Thank you very much

-Ron Ferguson,  New Buffalo MI

Comments 2010

You are one classy gal and what an experience to just know you ,your giving of your talent and sharing your terrific sense of light

-Connie and Les, Sagle ID

Once again I am full of gratitude. You spoiled us with each detail already planned . It’s so much more then a painting workshop!

-Carolyn Smith , Sedalia CO

Monet move over! What a truly fantastic experience this has been for me – such an igylic spot and such delightful people . you are an inspiration to us all. so glad I decided to join you in your Provence  painting party. and what a party it has been Gourmet cuisine to die for!!

-Rosemary Alder , Vancouver BC