Welcome to my Southwest Sunset Watercolor Workshop

Southwest Sunset Workshop.

How to paint a color wheel.

How to draw a charcoal sketch.

How to paint a study.

Supply list for the workshop.

(all art supplies are available at https://www.artisansantafe.com)

Archers 140/300 pound paper, (I will be painting on 22×30 300 pound)
Full sheets are 22×30, you can split into ½ to make 2 paintings 15×22 or get 4 small 11×15 paintings, watercolor sketchbook.

(Please use only professional watercolors 14mil size.)
Cad yellow
Winsor yellow
Scarlet lake or vermilion
Winsor red or cad red deep
Permanent rose
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Sap green
Viridian hue
Ivory black
Permanent white gouache by Holbein

20 round Princeton Aqua Elite, 1 – ½” Mottier Princeton Aqua
Princeton Artist brush Elite 4 piece professional set

Other materials needed
Foam board covered with waterproof shelf lining a little larger than your paper
4 clips to hold paper, toothbrush
A soft pencil 16b, pencil sharpener, soft kneaded eraser, Kleenex and soft vine charcoal
Watercolor pallet (I use Robert E. Wood, 2 water containers and a spray bottle)
A hair dryer.